Reasons Why Malay Men Are Attracted To Chinese Women



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Reasons Why Malay Men Are Attracted To Chinese Women

By MJC97

Since Malaysia is a beautiful country with beautiful people of many different races living together in harmony, interracial couples are bound to happen. And let's just admit it, OMG their children ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!  

Recently, a local website called Harmoni Malaysia wrote and article entitled "Ini 8 Sebab Sebenar Kenapa Lelaki Melayu Suka Amoi Cina". 

As someone with many Chinese and Malay friends, it was quite a shock to me to hear that many Malay men are actually attracted to Chinese women. But, after discussing with a Malay colleague who is a woman, apparently it is true and Korean dramas and movies are to blame !  

Anyway, after going through the article, here are the reasons why Malay men are smitten by Chinese women:

#1 They always dress beautifully and take care of their appearance  

Apparently, they like how the amois follow Korean and western fashion and that they always wear short skirts and hot pants.

#2 Straight and silky hair  

According to the article, straight and silky hair paired with the right outfit can charm a Malay guy. Ugh, thank you beauty standard for making guys think that only girls with straight hair are beautiful! 

#3 Can speak 3 languages

Since the Chinese women born in Malaysia can not only speak English and Malay but also Mandarin, Malay guys seem to thinkt hat this will make their lives easier. According to the article, they can bring their wife or gf to motor shops owned by Chinese and their significant other will be able to bargain for a cheaper price.  

Also, their children too will be able to speak 3 languages which help increase their job opportunities in the future. 

#4 Good at math and calculations  

Okay, I didn't know I had to know math in order to be in a relationship! According tot he article, Malay men like Chinese girls because their fast math and calculation skills can help them get calculations done quick and fast. 

#5 Good in financial management and prudent in spending  

The article says that Chinese women have an advantage when it comes to the financial side of thing because most Chinese families are involved in business, so knowledge of money management has been passed down from generation to generation until it became a natural skill.

#6 Less naggy and "gedik"  

Apparently, this fact is based on the opinion of several Malay men who have coupled up with Chinese girls in the past. They said that their Chinese gfs are more happy go lucky and they nag less and they are less "gedik". I tried looking for an English world to describe what gedik mean but I feel like the word gedik is the perfect word for it. 

# Conclusion

Although some of the points here are very shallow and stereotypical in my opinion, I'd love to find out if this is really what Malay men feel. Do you guys prefer Chinese girls for the above reasons or do you have your own reason? And girls, what do you think about this? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section! 

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