Pro Athletes Avoid These Foods Like The Plague! Here's Why.



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Pro Athletes Avoid These Foods Like The Plague! Here's Why.

By xweienx

As they say, working out is only half of the equation, eating right is just as important. That is why athletes and gym rats always keep themselves to such a strict diet. If you're aiming for a leaner and fitter body, you probably should be treating these foods like poison and avoid them:  


Margarine contains trans fat and if you have been paying any attention to food and health, trans fat leads to high blood cholesterol levels and greatly increases the risk of heart diseases. If you really need butter, go for something natural and vegan.  


We're just gonna include everything from your favorite Ramly's to McDonald's to hotdogs here. The bun usually contains saturated fat, which is a high-calorie food (remember, we're trying to burn more than we eat). Add in some cheese and sauces and it's a recipe for doom. Too much of it will put pressure on our arteries and health in general.  

Fruit Cakes

Plenty of fruits should be extremely healthy, right? Well, don't get fooled by its looks! The fruits used in fruit cakes are usually canned and processed, which means it is already unhealthy to begin with. Pair it with all the sugar and fats in the cake itself, and you have yourself a calorie bomb!  

Energy Drinks

You might think with all the endorsements that athletes drink energy drinks all the time to help them perform. Yes....and no. The enregy drink you get off the shelf is usually filled to the brim with sugar and calories. This can lead to uncontrollable weight gain. If you really need a shot of energy, consider natural caffeine sources like coffee or tea.  


These desserts or snacks will cause you to overconsume your calories without you realizing it. Not only that, those that are covered or filled with chocolate and sprinkles only add to your daily sugar intake. But you're telling me you can't live without snacks? Consider healthier alternatives like nuts and dried fruits.  

If you want to be fit like an athlete, or just be in better shape than you are now by the end of the year, then changing up your diet would be a good start. 

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