4 Weight Loss Myths That Will Actually Make You Gain Weight!



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4 Weight Loss Myths That Will Actually Make You Gain Weight!

By xweienx

Weight loss - the arch enemy of us food lovers. Whether you're a guy or a girl, whether it is for health or your body image, more than ever people are starting on their weight loss journey, especially after being idle at home for so long due to the pandemic.

We know the recipe: use more calories than you eat, and eat the right things. But, there are some weight loss myths out there that are counter productive that people still follow. Here are 4 of the biggest ones:


#1 No Breakfast/Dinner

Many people think that skipping meals is the way to go because you skip an entire meal's worth of calories. However much you see other people lose weight by doing this, it is the wrong kind of weight. By skipping meals, you're losing mostly muscle weight, not your fats! Eat your meals religiously and regular times, but reduce the portion instead.

#2 No Mains, Just Sides

Believe it or not, if you skip all mains and carbs, you might lose your hair faster than you lose weight! This is because a huge change in your consumption pattern will lead to stress (which leads to hair loss). So, if you're worried about the carbs, replace them instead with brown rice and wheat noodles.


#3 Fruits Only For A Meal

Eating just fruits is a huge no no! Yes, they are filling with low calories, but they are also packed with just sugar and water. That means they are no where close to providing the human body with the required nutrients. Not only that, any excess sugar in the body will be converted into more fats!

#4 Fasting to Lose Weight

Sure, we have to eat lesser, but that doesn't mean not eating at all. We talked about how skipping a meal is bad in the first point, so what do you think about skipping multiple meals? Fasting forces your body to get its required energy from your muscles. Besides, after a period of fasting, you will involuntarily eat more than usual. All this just leads to...you guessed it, weight gain!


So, these are the 4 killers of weight loss. There's nothing wrong to want to lose weight, but you have to do it the right way. Your health is way more important than just looking good!

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