Local Elderly Man Get Scammed RM10k By 'Chinese Medicine Sifu' – Leading To Lung Congestion & Kidney Failure



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Local Elderly Man Get Scammed RM10k By 'Chinese Medicine Sifu' – Leading To Lung Congestion & Kidney Failure

By sleepingbeauty

This man has been confined to the hospital for the past two weeks due to respiratory distress caused by lung congestion. Shockingly, his condition has been further complicated by kidney failure, necessitating a kidney wash procedure. This unfortunate ordeal has left his family grappling with worry and sadness, as they take turns to visit him during this trying period.

The distressing saga began two years ago when the man stumbled upon a video circulating on Facebook, featuring an individual who self-identified as a "stroke master." This video purported to showcase a technique capable of aiding the sick without resorting to conventional Western medicine, even claiming to have the ability to cure stroke patients. Initial interactions with this individual revealed an array of certificates adorning the walls, primarily linked to participation in commercial courses rather than any authentic medical credentials.


Despite the family's collective scepticism, the man appeared to have been deeply influenced by the "stroke master's" narrative, stubbornly disregarding their concerns. Unfortunately, this individual's health history painted a complex picture, featuring hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes requiring insulin injections. In the midst of uncertainty, the "stroke master" seemed to offer a glimmer of hope, and the man's primary intention was to avert a stroke, which he feared would burden his loved ones.

Trusting in the "stroke master's" promises, the man enrolled in a costly treatment program of approximately RM10k. The so-called treatment, as it turned out, involved little more than heated massages. The "stroke master" advocated for a complete halt in prescribed medications, advising the man to rely solely on ginger water to stave off ailments. The "master" continuously reinforced his message, urging him to disregard blood pressure and sugar index readings while vilifying Western medicine.

Over the subsequent two years, the family helplessly observed the man's health deteriorate progressively. His health struggles were further exacerbated by the prolonged consumption of ginger water, resulting in his voice becoming hoarse over time. The family's journey is marked by regret and reflection, transitioning from resistance to eventual support for the "stroke master's" ideology. In hindsight, they lament not having dissuaded him more firmly from discontinuing his medications. It has now become evident that the "stroke master" employs fear tactics, alarming individuals into enrolling for massage packages by convincing them that a stroke is imminent.


Haunted by the question of whether they were wrong to allow the man to believe in the "stroke master's" unverified methods, the family now faces a grave reality. The man lies hospitalized while the "master" unabashedly shares misleading videos, urging individuals to abandon conventional medication in favour of massage-based treatments. The family is torn between exposing the dubious "master" and prioritizing the man's well-being and their mother's emotional stability.


As they grapple with their conflicted emotions, the family's paramount concern is to prevent other vulnerable elderly individuals from succumbing to the allure of such questionable practices and forsaking proper medical guidance. The potential consequences of such misguided actions are too dire to fathom. Amidst their anger and sorrow, the family contemplates the possibility of reporting the so-called "stroke master," all the while striving to create awareness about the dangers of such scams.

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