"So Rude!" Local Real Estate Agent Mocks Man For Not Being Able To Afford RM300k Condo



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"So Rude!" Local Real Estate Agent Mocks Man For Not Being Able To Afford RM300k Condo

By JustineG

A Malaysian individual recently shared a disheartening encounter on Facebook involving a real estate agent's disrespectful behaviour. After merely inquiring about property details, the individual declined further interest. However, instead of accepting this, the agent responded mockingly, implying the individual couldn't afford the RM300k condo and even added laughing emojis to their message.


This unprofessional and arrogant attitude rightfully drew criticism from netizens, who highlighted the lack of basic respect displayed by the agent. Many urged the individual to report the incident to the agent's real estate company, emphasizing the need to address such behaviour to maintain professionalism and integrity within the industry.

Source: Sin Chew

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