Illegally-Parked McLaren Causes Garbage Collection Delay At Mont Kiara Condominium



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Illegally-Parked McLaren Causes Garbage Collection Delay At Mont Kiara Condominium

By storyteller24

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Residents of a luxury condominium in the vicinity of Mont Kiara were left frustrated as garbage collection faced delays due to a McLaren causing an obstruction at the entrance. This incident sparked concerns about inconsiderate parking practices.

In a recent post on the Mont Kiara Community group on Facebook, Daniel Noor claimed that the owner of the luxury car had irresponsibly parked directly in front of the rear entrance, preventing the dump truck from accessing the area.  

"The dump truck cannot enter to pick up rubbish at 28 Mont Kiara all because McLaren is blocking the entrance. Attitude problem," the caption reads.

The incident is reported to have occurred at a high-end condominium near Mont Kiara.

Commenters expressed dissatisfaction, criticising the car owner for his inconsiderate behaviour and disregarding the entrance.

"Maybe he wants to dump his car in the rubbish area. Can just pick it up and throw it away," commented Facebook user Ong Hoon Chen.

Awang McDermott, another Facebook user, suggested that residential security should not tolerate such ignorant behaviour, recommending that individuals acting irresponsibly be reported to the authorities.

"The guards should just call DBKL to tow away," he said.

"For someone with money to buy a McLaren, he is an idiot," said Cristina Villarreal.

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