6 Hidden Usage of Vaseline | No. 3 is a huge discovery



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6 Hidden Usage of Vaseline | No. 3 is a huge discovery


This RM 15 Vaseline is a saint ! Of course, most of us have heard of Vaseline and have used it before. This petroleum jelly is most commonly known as a skin care produce, especially for dry skin. However, it has so many more usage! 

Here are 6 of some hidden usage of Vaseline. 

#1  |  Prevent Skin Peeling from over rubbing nose
When you are having a bad flu or been sneezing badly, your nose might get red and sore cause of excessive rubbing. Apply some Vaseline to sooth it and keep the nose moisture which can prevent further rubbing. 

#2 |  Hair cream
Having dry hair or split-ends problem? Try use Vaseline on your hair, it can very well moisturizes the hair. But keep it at a small amount - wet look may be in style, but not oily-wet look. 

#3 |  Protect your feet from heels rubbing
Girls, no more heels hurting your feet. Apply some Vaseline onto the part of your heels where is hurting your feet for a continuous few days, and let it sit dry. Feel absolute comfort after putting it on later!

#4 |  Zip saver 
You know how zip sometime stuck halfway? Or when it is not frequently used, it will be way harder to pull up or down. Vaseline is the best lubricant you gonna find. Just rub some on to the zip, and voila! Smooth as a baby skin~

#5 |   Make your perfume lasts longer
Before you spray on your perfume, rub a bit of Vaseline first. It will can make your perfume lasts longer. A bit of RM15 Vaseline, save a couple of sprays from a RMXXX perfume, why not?

#6 |   All kind of masks
Looking back at the main usage of Vaseline, and it got me thinking, why not amp it up? DIY masks! And not just face mask, you can use it all over your body, from hair, lashes (rumour has it, Vaseline helps grow lashes), lips, neck, hand, nails, leg, etc etc etc. You name it. Apply a thicker layer of Vaseline and leave it for about 15 minutes, and wash it off. Super moisturizing and easy! Try it yourself!

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