Loyal Customer Saves Local Nasi Lemak Seller's Business From Shutting Down By Paying Off Her 1 Year Outstanding Debt



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Loyal Customer Saves Local Nasi Lemak Seller's Business From Shutting Down By Paying Off Her 1 Year Outstanding Debt

By storyteller24

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A loyal customer saved a local nasi lemak vendor, affectionately known as 'Mak Cik', from shutting down her business by paying off her one-year outstanding rent.

Businessman Sunny Seow, recently shared in his Facebook page a kind gesture to ensure the survival of a nasi lemak vendor in Kulai, Johor.

The vendor told Sunny with tears in her eyes that the building's owner requested that she stop operating since she owed money for a year's worth of rent.

Sunny has been patronising the restaurant since he was seven years old. He said, without hesitation that he handed over the cash and asked her to pay it to the government by this afternoon.

"I am very angry because this fifty-year-old stall is being asked to close down. I told her to go and pay this government agency; if they don't allow the lease to continue, I will confront them.

"Will they rent it out to foreigners like those from Vietnam, Myanmar, or Bangladesh at a higher rate?" he said.

"I can help them pay the rent for a year regardless of race. Why can't the government help this single mother? Where is the spirit of 1 Malaysia?

"This is the signature dish of Kulai people, passed down through three generations. I will ensure they continue their business," said Sunny.

The comment section was flooded by netizens expressing gratitude, thanking Sunny for his kind deed.

Facebook user @Jeffrey Ong said: "Thank you for your selfless dedication and help regardless of other race."

Another user @scphuah commented : "Thank you. You are a true Malaysian."

@lili lee said: "This is the most useful one."

"Some say you should promote yourself, but I don't care because it's your money and not theirs," said @wj goh.

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