"At Least We Wake Up & Sleep Early!" Office Worker Claims That Work Should Start At 7.30AM So They Can Leave By 4.30PM



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"At Least We Wake Up & Sleep Early!" Office Worker Claims That Work Should Start At 7.30AM So They Can Leave By 4.30PM

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

If work hours were to start earlier, allowing people to go home before sunset, do you think it would be good? 

Recently, a netizen posted on the "PTT web version," revealing that they think starting work at 7:30 AM and finishing at 4:30 PM is excellent, and they explained why they believe early start and finish times are beneficial.


The original poster expressed in their post that they consider starting work early to be very nice because it allows them to finish at 4:30 PM. This means that even if they occasionally have to work overtime, they should be able to leave by 5:30 PM at the latest. They believe that when everyone finishes work and sees the sun still not setting, it gives them hope and makes them feel like they have more personal time after work, making their mood completely different.

They mentioned that if work hours started earlier, everyone would start going to bed and waking up early, which is good for their health. Therefore, they want to encourage everyone to respond and make this happen so they can start work and finish earlier.


Subsequently, this post sparked a discussion among many netizens, with most agreeing that starting work early doesn't make much of a difference because if work hours start earlier, it only allows the boss to make you work overtime.

"It doesn't matter if the hours stay the same; some people can't wake up early."

"No matter what time you start work, everyone will be kept until after 7 PM."

"You think you can start work early and finish early, but in reality, the boss will make you start work early and leave on time, or even start work early and continue working in the evening... Don't challenge the shamelessness of habitual bosses."

"No, it's still eight hours; why change it."

"Historical experience will tell you that finishing work at 4:30 PM, the company will be unhappy and think you are too relaxed."

"It mainly depends on how close you live; if you live too far away, starting work at 7:30 AM means getting up at what time. = ="

If you had the chance to start work at 7:30 AM and finish at 4:30 PM, do you think it would be better? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

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