WATCH: Kid Gets Left Behind At The Petrol Station, Mom Scolds Him For Being A Hassle



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WATCH: Kid Gets Left Behind At The Petrol Station, Mom Scolds Him For Being A Hassle

2 Weeks ago
By GraceSundram

In a surprising incident that sparked anger among netizens, a child was left behind by his parents at a petrol station. What's even more shocking is how the parents failed to notice that their child was not in the car with them. The incident unfolded as the child tried to maintain his composure while seeking assistance from a soft-spoken lady behind the counter.

However, what infuriated netizens was the mother's response when she answered the phone. Instead of showing concern or remorse, she scolded the child and labelled him a nuisance for creating trouble, emphasizing the inconvenience caused by having to turn back after driving quite a distance.

The question that arises is, how could the parents not be aware that their child was not in the car while they were travelling? Even if they have multiple children, it is only natural to conduct a headcount before leaving any place, especially when embarking on a trip.

Netizens are expressing their outrage at the parents' negligence and lack of responsibility towards their child's safety. Many are emphasizing the importance of properly caring for and keeping track of children, advising parents to avoid raising their voices in anger when it is their own mistake. The emotional distress was evident on the child's face has deeply affected viewers, serving as a reminder of the impact such incidents can have on young minds.

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