Ed Sheeran Tries Badminton, Takes on Chan Peng Soon, And Embarks On An Authentic Malaysian Tour!



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Ed Sheeran Tries Badminton, Takes on Chan Peng Soon, And Embarks On An Authentic Malaysian Tour!


British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran recently arrived in Malaysia for his concert tour, not only conquering fans with his music but also venturing into the badminton court for a friendly match against mixed doubles national player Chan Peng Soon.

Ed Sheeran shared a video on social media yesterday, revealing his experiences in Kuala Lumpur during his concert tour in Malaysia. During his downtime, he explored various activities around the city, including engaging in the most beloved sport in Malaysia - badminton.

Facing the formidable opponent Chan Peng Soon, Ed Sheeran enlisted the help of two local internet celebrities to join him in the match. While the trio may not be professional players and approached the game more casually, they showcased a cheerful and competitive atmosphere.

"So badminton is huge in Malaysia, but I had to call in some reinforcements."

The two assisting players were renowned Malaysian YouTuber Jinnyboy and TikToker Jobroseph.

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In addition to trying out badminton, Ed Sheeran also explored a few more activities in Malaysia, including painting batik, getting a shave at a local barbershop, as well as trying out Yee Sang, experiencing a truly Malaysian tour.

Ed Sheeran held his concert tour, the "+-=÷× TOUR," at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium on the 24th of February, 2024.

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