Rising When Others Are Sleeping, This Woman Reminds Us On A Simple Way To Reduce Our Monthly Grocery Bills.



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Rising When Others Are Sleeping, This Woman Reminds Us On A Simple Way To Reduce Our Monthly Grocery Bills.

By Nick Dorian

With the rising cost of living in Malaysia, a lot of families and individuals are definitely feeling the pinch. With newer generations finding it harder and harder just to stay afloat, one lady has taken to social media to remind us that with a little bit of determination, there is always a way to reduce your monthly expenses.

Documenting her morning journey over on TikTok, user @mommynad_deen showcased her early morning routine, which may be the norm for some, a lot of us caught up in this fast paced world, may have forgotten.

While some may just rely on the convenience of their nearest malls grocery store, Nad reminds us there is always a cheaper alternative if we just look hard enough. 

Rising while others are usually sleeping, Nad revealed a strategy that helped her reduce her monthly grocery bills by nearly 60%, by simply heading out early enough to visit to her local wholesale market. 

"Despite being tired, only sleeping for 2 hours and heading there before Subuh, it was worth it. I saved 50% - 60%"

Proudly documenting her regime at the market, she notes how inexpensive produce is compared to supermarket chains. Purchasing more than five different types of vegetables for less than RM20, she proceeds to prove how affordable groceries are, including seafood. Filming herself buying a whole snapper fish for RM40 as well as some large prawns for around RM18 to RM20 per kilogram, it's a true stark reminder that places like these are a true blessing in disguise.

With a whole trolley filled with groceries for her family of five to last nearly 3 weeks, the total cost of her haul was a mere RM189 to which she states that the same amount could go up to more than RM1k at supermarket chains.

Despite the fatigue and sacrifice of a few more hours sleep, Nad reminds us that for the pleasure of providing sustenance for her own family, while at the same time reducing her monthly costs, it's all worth it in the end.

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Nick Dorian

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