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I’m Done with My Oily Face | How to Lessen Sebum Production

ellephant   |   Aug 15, 2021, 19:53   |   79

We hate our oily faces with a passion. 

On top of looking like drab, excess oil on your face increases chances at bacteria build up, which eventually leads to ugly pimples, a not so smooth face, and a crushed self-esteem. 


So, we thought, why not create a list on all the top tips there is, or at least 6 of them, in order to help those who have oily/acne-prone skin. Here they are:

1. Use oil-free products

2. Moisturize - preferably moisturizers which are non-oily and non-comedogenic

3. Use blotting papers


4. Use facial masks - encouraged: honey, clay or oatmeal

5. Regularly wash your face - preferably twice a day

6. Don't touch your face


There are of course other steps to getting rid of oily skin, or at least minimizing it and its effects, but these 6 should certainly get you on your way. So, happy experimenting!


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