SHOCKING: "They Deducted My Salary!!" Ramen Restaurant In KL To Face Legal Actions Over Imposing Unnecessary Fines On Staff



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SHOCKING: "They Deducted My Salary!!" Ramen Restaurant In KL To Face Legal Actions Over Imposing Unnecessary Fines On Staff

By JustineG

Running a business, especially in the F&B industry, is undeniably challenging. However, a single misstep can quickly ignite a firestorm, resulting in significant repercussions for the business. This is precisely what occurred to a well-known ramen chain restaurant, which recently faced public scrutiny on social media for imposing unjust fines and disciplinary actions against its staff for minor infractions, often deducting their salaries without valid reasons.

Many argue that these actions violate local labour laws, drawing the attention of Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong. Allegedly, the restaurant's conduct is deemed in contravention of Part 4 of the Labour Act, which stipulates that salaries can only be deducted in accordance with the law.

The individual who exposed the restaurant's practices on social media highlighted instances where staff were fined for taking unpaid leave, being late for work, failing to inform before taking medical leave, or even for taking toilet breaks.

Employees risk losing up to RM500 for a single offence, with the restaurant chain imposing fines of RM100 per day for each day of unpaid leave. The HR minister has urged affected employees to file complaints with the labour department. However, it appears that the restaurant has retaliated by lodging a police report against the online backlash. According to NST, the restaurant declined to comment on the nature of the report but it likely concerns the individual who shared the company's policies publicly and warned employees of impending actions.

The individual who leaked the information is currently missing in action.

Source: NST

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