The Dawn Of The 8% SST Era: Here's A Highlight Of The Key Changes Ahead



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The Dawn Of The 8% SST Era: Here's A Highlight Of The Key Changes Ahead


As of March 1, 2024, Malaysia's Sales and Service Tax (SST) is slated to increase from 6% to 8%. Despite some opposition to the implementation, the planning is proceeding as scheduled. To provide clarity on these changes, here's a concise summary of the new SST adjustments.

#Categories subject to 8% SST:

- Hotel and accommodation industry

- Credit card and charge card processing and fees

- Entertainment and leisure industry (clubs, etc.)

- Maintenance or repair services (car repairs, etc.)

- Professional services industry (accounting, advertising, construction, etc.)

- Other services industry (hair salons, beauty parlors, laundry services, etc.)

#Categories maintaining a 6% tax rate:

- Food and beverage industry

- Telecommunication services

- Parking services

- Logistics services

#Newly added taxable categories:

- Broking and underwriting services

- Delivery services

- Karaoke

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