11 Important Soft Skills To Get You Promoted and Accelerate Your Career



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11 Important Soft Skills To Get You Promoted and Accelerate Your Career

5 Days ago
By Pineapplesz

You want to bag that promotion? We got two words for ya, SOFT SKILLS! Hard skills get you hired, but soft skills get you promoted.

Employers and businesses are looking for people with a character that stands out and has the ability to function proficiently from a soft skill set.

So here are some soft skills that you can improve on to accelerate your career.

1 | Communication matters

> Listen without interrupting 

> Speak with a positive tone

> Pay attention to your body language

2 | The art of persuasion

> Identify what other people care about

> Create stories that resonate with them

> Tell those stories with briefness and emotion

3 | The art of negotiation

> Listen carefully

> Understand what other side wants

> Know your worth

> Propose solutions that will benefit both sides


4 | Build relationships

> Help others unconditionally

> Look for common interest

> Add value before asking for something in return

5 | Empathy is important

> Take genuine interest in other people

> Put yourself in their shoes

> Acknowledge their feelings

> Don't judge and be supportive

> Be generous with your time and attention

6 | Show a positive attitude

> Never gossip

> Don't complain

> Speak well of other and criticize sparingly


7 | Teamwork makes the dream work

> Avoid claiming all the credit

> Celebrate others' successes

> Praise team members publicly and generously

8 | Solve conflicts properly

> Avoid arguing and accusing

> Focus on solving the problem

> Apologize if it's your fault

9 | Be emotionally intelligent

> Never act impulsively

> Feeling upset? Take a step back

> Take time to understand your own feelings

> Think twice before acting and remind yourself of the consequences

> Proceed accordingly


10 | Be smart with time

> Learn to prioritize

> Delegating your task is a lifesaver

> Learn to say no and don't be a pushover

11 | Work ethic must be in tip-top shape

> Take responsibility for your work

> Show up and deliver on time

> Keep your commitments

> Never blame others 

Now, go and get that promotion!!

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