"I Pay You To Wash My Diapers!" Local Nurse Overworked And Treated Like Slave By Hospital Patient



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"I Pay You To Wash My Diapers!" Local Nurse Overworked And Treated Like Slave By Hospital Patient

By JustineG

We're all too familiar with the relentless work pressure faced by Malaysians, particularly our frontline heroes. A nurse from a government hospital recently took to social media to share her ordeal of being treated like a slave. She expressed her disappointment as patients believe they can demand anything from nurses, considering their hospital bills as equivalent to the nurses' salaries.


The nurse recounted an incident where an elderly patient insisted she wash his diapers, claiming he was essentially paying her salary. She emphasized that nurses are not slaves to patients and are only obligated to perform their job duties. While nurses often go beyond their call of duty out of courtesy, this particular patient should mind his words, especially when he needs care.


She further questioned the notion of patients paying nurses' salaries, emphasizing that hospitals are meant for treating the sick, not serving as welfare centres. Amidst a hectic work schedule, she appealed for patience from patients who often demand immediate attention, even while the nurses are attending to critical matters.

Her post resonated with many, drawing positive reactions from those who agree that certain responsibilities, such as personal care, should be handled by the patient's caregivers or family members, not just the nurses.

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