"She Wasted Money That Was Earned From Selling Laksa!" Local Man Upset With His Mom For Spending RM800 Of Hard-Earned Money On 'Health' Track Pants



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"She Wasted Money That Was Earned From Selling Laksa!" Local Man Upset With His Mom For Spending RM800 Of Hard-Earned Money On 'Health' Track Pants

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

Many elderly individuals are susceptible to persuasion from relatives and friends. They may find themselves drawn into participating in "pyramid schemes," investing their hard-earned money in seemingly "high-end" products. However, the exorbitant prices of these products often do not reflect their actual value.


Recently, a young man expressed his disappointment on social media after his mother purchased "health pants" priced at RM800 using the proceeds from selling laksa. According to Musytaq, his mother may have been deceived by a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme, being urged to promote the pants to three of her friends. "I told her it wasn't reasonable to spend RM800 on a pair of pants. But she responded, 'Oh, these are health pants,'" Musytaq shared on the X app.


Musytaq questioned the rationale behind the pants, which appeared to be tight-fitting leggings priced at RM800. "It's bewildering. Are these pants made of Panadol Activ Fast threads?" he remarked. "I'm still angry. RM800 is too expensive for a pair of pants that look like leggings," he added.


Even more disappointing is that Musytaq's mother disregarded her son's advice and purchased the health pants using the earnings from selling laksa by the roadside. "That's the money from my mom's laksa business. It's not easy to come by RM800. I'm just frustrated," he lamented. "I'm so annoyed with my mom's friend," he added.

In the comment section, many netizens admitted to experiencing similar issues with their parents, who are easily swayed by the sale of health-related products. 

Who can relate to this when it comes to their parents and their unreasonable purchases? 

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