Wife Cheating On Husband With Her Boss, Even Sends Nudes On Telegram



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Wife Cheating On Husband With Her Boss, Even Sends Nudes On Telegram

By JustineG

Adultery stories have been making headlines in Malaysia recently, with daily reports of unfaithful individuals surfacing on social media. Unfortunately, one man had to confront this painful reality when he discovered explicit communication between his wife and her boss on her phone.


This husband, employed in the shipping industry, has shared the distressing situation he finds himself in. He revealed that he spends extended periods away from his wife, returning home only once every four or five months. "I work on ships, and I'm back home every four to five months. Just two days ago, I stumbled upon her sending explicit videos to her boss on Telegram," he disclosed.

Adding to his anguish, the husband also alleged that his wife had been involved in a romantic relationship with her employer. "It's heartbreaking when I read their messages. I work tirelessly, and this is what I discover?" he questioned, filled with disappointment. He never expected his wife to be unfaithful, particularly considering the significant financial support he provides, almost reaching five figures each month. "I give her RM8,000 a month," he added.

Devastated by the situation, he is contemplating divorce. "I'm thinking of divorcing her. What did I do wrong? This is the first time something like this has happened. I've been away at sea for months, and she becomes involved with another man," he lamented.


Netizens expressed anger over his wife's infidelity, with some struggling to empathize with the unfortunate husband's predicament. "Receiving RM8,000 a month for 'free' and still cheating. Furthermore, she has a job and earns extra income on top of that. What more does she need to betray, oh human?" one commenter remarked.

"She doesn't seem to appreciate her husband's love? Her husband provides RM8,000. Ungrateful. I can't comprehend it," another netizen commented. "If you can't handle a long-distance relationship, don't enter one," advised another user.

Meanwhile, due to the substantial monthly financial support, numerous netizens offered to become the man's wife. "I'd like to be his wife; I'll unquestionably remain faithful. Just to let you know, I'm still single if he's looking for a new wife," read another comment.

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