Pak Cik Left Hungry As He Struggled To Order With KFC's Self-Service Kiosk



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Pak Cik Left Hungry As He Struggled To Order With KFC's Self-Service Kiosk

By JustineG

An anonymous Twitter user shared her experience, highlighting how unfair and inconsiderate the staff were towards customers who were not familiar with the self-service machines.

While she acknowledges that the restaurant may have been short-staffed and unable to open the counter for orders, she argues that staff should still be willing to take manual orders for those who are not comfortable with the machines.

Alternatively, they could guide customers through the process of using the machine. It is important for those working in the service industry to be open and willing to help customers who may not be familiar with new technology. After all, they are paying customers who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

The Twitter user particularly noted how one elderly man was left feeling lost and helpless in front of the self-service machine. He tried to make way for the customers behind to place their orders first just so that he could get the gist of the machine but eventually gave up and left the restaurant without placing an order. 

The user expressed deep concern and frustration at how the staff seemed so inconsiderate when it would have been a simple matter to open one counter to assist those who were unsure of how to use the machines.

For those wondering why the Twitter user didn't help the elderly man herself, she explained that she has a social anxiety disorder and has been traumatised by elderly men in the past.

While she wished she could have helped, the triggering trauma left her feeling helpless and unable to do so.

Those working in the service industry should certainly be more attentive and accommodating to all customers, regardless of their familiarity with new technology. It is important to provide assistance to those who may struggle with self-service machines, particularly the elderly. 

Ultimately, a little extra effort on the part of staff can go a long way in ensuring all customers feel valued and respected.

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