IKEA 2021 New Collection | Top 10 must get items



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IKEA 2021 New Collection | Top 10 must get items


IKEA is dropping a new series or products this coming 2021. While waiting for the new items to arrive, here are top 10 items that your should be buying this coming 2021 at IKEA!

#1  |  JÄTTELIK - The Dinosaur soft toys RM29.90 - RM59.90
I mean, come on, who wouldn't like some Dinosaur in their lives? If you have watched the K-drama "It's Okay to be Not Okay", you will definitely fall in love with this more. And who says toys are for kids only? We all need some cuteness in our life.


#2 |  NISSAFORS Trolley RM 129

Minimalist, practical and the design suits any kitchen. Available in 3 colours, red, black and white. Size : 50.5cm x 30cm x 83cm. 3 tiers. 


#3 |  VÄLDOFT Scented Candles RM6.90

One of the best way to relax yourself, is to do something posh once in a while, like having a scented candle. There various scent that you can select from, for eg. Wild Strawberry (Dark Pink coloured), Rhubarb Elderflower (Beige coloured), Salty Sweets (Grey coloured), and Morning Dew (Light Green coloured). And after finishing up the candle, you can use the glass as a flower pot! How good is that!


#4 |  SAXBORGA Storage Box with Mirror Lid RM69
I can already imagine myself using this. This is OMG-ly practical! The mirror is wrapped by cork where reduces the risk of breaking (love this idea) and it has multiple compartments that are in different size where you can organize your make-up stuff in it. 


#5 |  FEJKA Artifi Potted Plants with Pot RM24.90(Set of 3)

"Swoosh" up your room, table or even a corner with some greens! It comes in set of 3 pots with different artificial plants, so you wouldn't need to water or take care of it. 


#6 |  365+ Food Container with lid RM19.90 (Set of 3)

It is a 180ml glass square container with air tight lid. Compare to plastic container, a glass container is definitely a better option. Not just that it is more environment friendly, it is also microwaveable! Super convenient. 


#7 |  365+ Lunch bag RM7.90 - RM9.90

This is definitely the best time to prep your own meal and dine in at your office, given the pandemic still on going out there. So, what you will need is a trendy lunch bag like this. Available in 2 sizes : Small - white/beige22x17x16 cm - RM7.90 ; Large - white/turquoise22x17x30 cm.


#8 |  RISATORP Basket RM29.90

Available in 3 colours : Red, Light Olive-Green, White. The capacity is just nice for a couple of days grocery, 25x26x18 cm. What i love about this basket is that it is so elegant! I feel like a french-lady going to morning market, like Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. 


#9 |   BYGGLEK Storage box 

Teaming up with LEGO®, IKEA is launching out a range of simple, functional storage solutions with so many possibilities. Although according to the official announcement, the product is more for children use, but I am 100% sure that tons of adults gonna love this Lego design inspired storage box. A cute white huge block of storage block, looks exceptionally minimal and trendy. 


#10 |  EFTERTRADA Wardrobe solution 

We've seen some fashionable accessories and clothing from IKEA before, but it's time to step up the game. In this collection, there are several products that are coming to store, like t-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, umbrella, two bath towels, two water bottles and more to come.


For more info, check out IKEA 2021 Catalogue.

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