WATCH: Liyana Jasmay Claps Back At Online Hater Who Called Her 'Dark', Netizens Praise Her For Her Poised Response



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WATCH: Liyana Jasmay Claps Back At Online Hater Who Called Her 'Dark', Netizens Praise Her For Her Poised Response

By GraceSundram

Despite the strides made towards inclusivity in society, many Malaysians still hold on to the belief that having fair skin is a prerequisite for beauty. This notion has been ingrained for generations, making it challenging for individuals to challenge it. However, local artist Liyana Jasmay has debunked this notion, proving that skin colour has no bearing on one's beauty.


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Liyana, known as @ljoneandonly on TikTok, posted a video of barefaced reactions to various mouth-watering food with euphoria which was when a user asked why she was getting darker, and Liyana responded calmly and confidently.

In her video response, Liyana stated that her skin colour is brown and that she doesn't aspire to have whiter skin. She also explained that some people who appear to have lighter skin may have undergone cosmetic procedures with harmful side effects.

Liyana believes that one's skin colour doesn't determine their potential as an artist, and she encourages people with Malay-ish yellow to brown skin to embrace their natural beauty.

Liyana's poised reaction has endeared her to many netizens, who praise her for her beauty and positivity. Despite being a mother of two, Liyana's youthful and radiant appearance has captivated her fans. Many people have lauded her for her composure and confidence in addressing the issue of skin colour.

It's worth noting that equating fair skin with beauty is a societal construct that has been perpetuated for generations. This harmful belief not only harms individuals with darker complexions but also propagates unrealistic beauty standards. Society should celebrate diversity and acknowledge that beauty exists in all shapes, sizes, and skin colours.

In conclusion, Liyana Jasmay has shown that skin colour has no bearing on beauty. Her poised and confident response to a comment about her skin colour has earned the admiration of many netizens. It's time for society to let go of the narrow-minded notion that fair skin equates to beauty and embrace the beauty that comes in all shades and colours.

Watch the full video here: 

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