KL Drivers Beware! Massive Traffic Operation Coming in July



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KL Drivers Beware! Massive Traffic Operation Coming in July


In a concerted effort to address a range of traffic violations, the Kuala Lumpur police will initiate a large-scale integrated traffic operation in collaboration with multiple enforcement agencies, commencing on July 1.

Under the initiative, the Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department will join forces with the Road Transport Department (RTD), Kuala Lumpur City Hall, and the Department of Environment (DoE) to tackle various offences within their respective jurisdictions.


Approximately 1,000 officers and police personnel will participate in the operation, focusing on specific violations such as illegal parking, traffic obstruction, red light violations, improper number plates, unauthorized tinting, and motorcycle-related offences, among others.

Speaking at the Kuala Lumpur Police Obey Traffic Rules Operation, where multiple agencies came together, City Police Chief Datuk Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zin emphasized that the operation would also encompass educating road users about the hazards associated with disregarding traffic regulations through the Op Didik campaign.


Furthermore, the police will conduct background checks for outstanding arrest warrants and criminal records, identify stolen vehicles, and take action against workshops engaged in illegal modifications. The Kuala Lumpur Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department will also play a part in addressing drug-related cases throughout the operation.

Shuhaily stressed that the primary objective of this initiative is to prevent the escalation of such offences and avoid any undesirable incidents. The police will not tolerate individuals involved in criminal activities or traffic violations.

He added, "This operation aims to instil discipline, educate, and advise road users on obeying traffic rules as well as the regulations enforced by other collaborating agencies."

Notably, between January and May of this year, a total of 895 investigation papers were initiated for traffic offenses. The most prevalent violations included obstruction of traffic, including illegal parking (311 cases), illegal racing (180 cases), and running red lights (167 cases).

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