WATCH: Year 1 Pupil's Jewellery Shopping Spree For Teacher’s Day Goes Viral



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WATCH: Year 1 Pupil's Jewellery Shopping Spree For Teacher’s Day Goes Viral

By storyteller24

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After a video of him purchasing gifts for his teachers ahead of Teacher's Day went viral, a Year 1 student won over many people's hearts.

Rather than choose traditional presents, he made the choice to buy jewels from a well-known retailer.

The seven-year-old Hafiy Hadeef is seen strolling with his father towards a diamond store in the video, which his mother, @NurashikinDin, posted to TikTok.

The camera moves to show the several necklaces and bracelets that the student can choose from.

@nurashikindin Hadiah hari guru 2024 dari Hafiy Hadeef untuk mualim & mualimah . 10 orang guru nya. Special thanks to Ammar tolong bungkuskan hadiah hari guru hafiy cantik2 #hadiahhariguru2024 #habibjewels #fypシ゚viral @HABIB Jewels Cupid Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) Sped Up Version - sped up 8282

Later, Hafiy was observed attentively watching the staff wrap the gifts for his teachers while seated in a chair.

The description for the accompanying video read, "A Teacher's Day gift from Hafiy Hadeef for his teachers, all 10 of them," according to his mother.

Since then, 69,000 people have liked and viewed the video over 2.4 million times.

In Malaysia, May 16 is designated as Teachers' Day in remembrance of the Razak Report's acceptance, which was an educational plan meant to overhaul Malaya's educational system at the time.

Since then, Malaysia's and Malaya's educational systems have been built around this document.

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