Johor Woman Converted Her Car Into A Mobile Home And Travels Around Malaysia With Pet Dog



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Johor Woman Converted Her Car Into A Mobile Home And Travels Around Malaysia With Pet Dog

By JustineG

Travelling can be an incredibly enjoyable experience, especially when it involves road trips. But have you ever considered the joy of travelling with your loyal canine companion? Well, this is precisely what Jen Wong, a native of Kluang, Johor, did. Jen, who has explored over 30 countries since the age of 23, embarked on an exciting adventure in 2019 with her dog, Bobby, by her side.

The inspiration behind this journey came when Bobby fell seriously ill due to tick fever, and Jen was determined to aid in his recovery.

However, the global pandemic forced them to postpone their plans until October 2022, when they finally hit the road. They spent approximately 8 months travelling, with brief returns home. During this time, they enjoyed around 2 and a half months in Kelantan and another two months in Terengganu. Jen was drawn to the rural ambience of these two states, while Bobby revelled in the natural surroundings.

Jen took the initiative to document their remarkable journey on Facebook, sharing her insights and tips for fellow pet-loving travellers. When it comes to Bobby's meals, Jen diligently prepares fresh, daily offerings. She noted that the 10-year-old dog did experience food poisoning during a trip to Sungai Lembing, Pahang, which required a visit to a vet in Kuantan. However, Bobby has remained healthy ever since.

Jen also mentioned that she sources ingredients for his meals during their travels and shares her own food with him throughout the day, in addition to keeping some kibbles handy.

As for their accommodations, Jen decided to convert her SUV into a mobile home. She explained that she doesn't place great importance on traditional lodging, as her primary interest lies in exploring new places. "So, my car is good enough to sleep in," she remarked. She also shared that Bobby has no qualms about sleeping in the car with her. When they aren't staying with friends along their route, Jen parks her car in secure locations like hospitals or multipurpose halls, using mosquito nets to keep pests at bay. She has equipped the car with two fans and exhaust fans to ensure comfort during hot weather.

Jen and Bobby typically cover no more than 50 kilometres each day, taking breaks for restroom visits, meals, electronic gadget charging, and work commitments. They also rely on their car for cooling and charging their electronic devices. Looking ahead, Jen has plans to continue their adventure by exploring East Malaysia, with Bobby's health being the determining factor. Despite having travelled the world and visited numerous countries, Jen believes that Malaysia still has much to offer. She praises the kindness of its people and the natural beauty of the land. Remarkably, she hasn't encountered any negative experiences during her 10-month journey around Malaysia.

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