“Love Is In The Air" | Couple Caught Having S*x In The Toilet Of A Packed Plane



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“Love Is In The Air" | Couple Caught Having S*x In The Toilet Of A Packed Plane


On a recent easyJet flight from Luton to Ibiza, passengers were in for a surprise when a couple's passionate encounter in the lavatory became the talk of the plane. A flight attendant, clearly taken aback, opened the lavatory door mid-flight at 30,000 feet, revealing the compromising situation. This unexpected reveal sent waves of laughter throughout the rear of the aircraft.

The cabin crew member was flustered, unsure how to handle the situation. Nearby passengers reacted with a mix of surprise and amusement, covering their mouths and letting out astonished shrieks. Meanwhile, the couple seemed unfazed, with the man even smirking as he closed the door to continue their private rendezvous.

The video of this daring mid-air escapade quickly went viral on social media, prompting humorous comments. One person joked about Ryanair charging extra for such in-flight entertainment, while another found the choice of an EasyJet flight added a new dimension to the story. Someone even playfully asked if the couple might be the pilot.

However, the laughter aside, easyJet later confirmed that police had to meet the flight upon arrival due to the behaviour of these two passengers. This incident serves as a reminder that inappropriate behaviour on aeroplanes can lead to serious consequences, even if it provides unexpected entertainment for fellow travellers.

Watch the video here:

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Source: Twitter

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