WATCH: Bus Driver Accused For Making Out, Passengers Defend False Claims



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WATCH: Bus Driver Accused For Making Out, Passengers Defend False Claims

2 Weeks ago
By sleepingbeauty

The conduct of a local bus company's driver, accused of inappropriate behaviour and tardiness, has incited the frustration of passengers at the Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru, Johor, this Monday. The situation unfolded when the bus in question was reported to have arrived behind schedule, resulting in passengers enduring a wait of over three hours before proceeding to the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in Kuala Lumpur. To compound matters, the implicated female driver was captured engaging in inappropriate behaviour with company staff while navigating the highway.

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This incident has sparked censure from dissatisfied passengers who are irked by the lackadaisical and irresponsible conduct exhibited by the company's personnel. In the interim, the company's spokesperson, known only as Rex, affirmed that an inquiry will be launched into the matter. "We've recently become aware of the incident, and an investigation will be initiated regarding the circulated video. Meanwhile, numerous individuals have surfaced on social media to refute the allegations, denouncing them as unfounded. 

One passenger contended that both staff members were addressing a radio issue and not engaging in inappropriate behaviour, as claimed. "It's false; my spouse and I observed the incident from our seats directly behind them. The male driver was attending to something near the radio behind the driver's seat, and we witnessed it firsthand. Additionally, the driver informed us about heavy traffic from Ayer Keroh to Larkin, a fact we believe because the journey to TBS was notably congested. The female driver, working part-time and unfamiliar with the route, received assistance from the male colleague in shifting gears and providing accurate directions," asserted anisjey15.

In the latest update, both individuals involved have been confirmed to face salary deductions and immediate termination by the bus company. The spokesperson clarified that, in the aftermath of this embarrassing incident, every driver in their employ will undergo additional driving training classes each month. Importantly, no accidents or disturbances transpired after the incident, and the public is urged to refrain from speculating about the matter.

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