Inspector Sheila Wishes To Return To Bukit Aman For Duty, Hopes For Positive Reception From M'sians



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Inspector Sheila Wishes To Return To Bukit Aman For Duty, Hopes For Positive Reception From M'sians

By JustineG

"Inspector Sheila," the viral female police officer known for her commitment to duty, has expressed her desire to return to her investigative role at Bukit Aman, the national headquarters of the police force. 

The spirited officer, Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar, aged 35, shared her passion for serving the community and combating crime. Even though she was eligible for roles abroad or in different fields, Sheila chose to remain in the police force, demonstrating her unwavering dedication.

"In all honesty, I could have pursued a different path or even worked abroad based on my qualifications, but I've chosen to serve as a police officer. With God's grace, I aspire to be an investigator once again at Bukit Aman," she shared while attending court proceedings related to her case.

Amidst the buzz, Sheila hopes that the public won't form hasty judgments about her based on the viral videos that circulated on social media. 

She acknowledged that people tend to interpret her demeanour from short video clips and might perceive her as being brash. "Outside of work hours, I'm a happy-go-lucky and fun-loving individual," she revealed.

Sheila further stirred conversation when she posted about her connection with influencer and entrepreneur Iqbal Zulkefli. Confirming the budding friendship, she stated that she's getting to know Iqbal better.

Earlier, Sheila pleaded not guilty to two charges one for threatening a woman with the intent to cause alarm and another for using indecent language against a man.

For the charge of threatening, she is facing Section 506 of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment, a fine, or both upon conviction. As for the indecent language charge, she is being prosecuted under Section 509 of the Penal Code, which has similar consequences.

However, her defense team plans to mount an initial challenge against these charges, asserting that they lack substance and significance. 

In the midst of these developments, Inspector Sheila remains an intriguing figure, capturing both the attention and opinions of the public.

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