WATCH: Netizen Amazed By Night Market-Inspired Wedding Kenduri



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WATCH: Netizen Amazed By Night Market-Inspired Wedding Kenduri

By storyteller24

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Vendors with a plethora of food choices during a wedding kenduri in Batu Pahat, Johor, went viral in the social media yesterday.

A clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, by user @bckupacc99, showed guests attending the kenduri were spoiled with many choices of food such as "apam balik", "laksa Johor", "roti jala", fried noodles, banana fritters, pastries and many more.

In the video, it was seen that the attendants eagerly queued, waiting for their turn to pick up the preferred food while holding their paper plates.

In the replies segment attached to the tweet, there was another clip of the organisers setting up the classic themed wedding ceremony, hanging signage written in Jawi, and also decorating their main gateway.

A user @ismi_sitifairuz, said the location is strategic for such a theme because it has a wide space to cater to many attendants.

"In a rural area, it is enjoyable to do this. In the village, relatives can sit and chat for a long time when the host sets up many tents.

"But if it was done in a townhouse or apartment, there are limited tents due to limited space, and the tables are also small. People can't sit for long; they have to stand while holding their plates," @DatinMRA echoed.

Another user @Deegee4646 said it reduces the burden on the host, supports caterers, and provides opportunities for small vendors to generate income.

"At the same time, vendors can also promote their individual sales to attract new customers," he added.

The clip has since more than 3,000 retweets and 7,580 likes, and received more than 404,100 views on X.

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