Top Exciting Dating Apps To Download If You’re Sick Of Tinder



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Top Exciting Dating Apps To Download If You’re Sick Of Tinder

By Ayunie

Tinder might be quite up there when it comes to the best online dating apps on the market, but its competitors are slowly racing to the top, too. If you‘ve exhausted all of its features and ready to venture to other options, we’ve compiled a list of 5 dating apps you could dip your toes in besides Tinder. 

1. Bumble  

Pros: Most ideal app for assertive women who prefer to lead the chase. Unlike Tinder, a match will only be considered a success if the woman decides to break the ice. If 24 hours go by without a response, the match will automatically expire. Convenient, yes?

Cons: If you're not one to check your dating app(s) often, this app might not be for you. 

Verdict: Compared to Tinder, Bumble is definitely a breath of fresh air if you're up for a different online dating experience than what you're used to if you've been using Tinder. 

2. Hinge  

Pros: One of the most interactive and stunning user experiences when it comes to dating apps, Hinge dives deep into one's personal preferences to make sure when a match happens, it is as match-made-in-heaven-isque as possible. Ideal for people who are extremely picky. 

Cons: The abundance of profile features might overwhelm you a little. 

Verdict: If you're looking for high-quality matches tailored exactly to your liking, Hinge is the perfect place to start. 

3. Grindr

Pros: Arguably the best dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community out there, period. The app is easy and straightforward to navigate as well.

Cons: It can be annoyingly glitchy at times. 

Verdict: Unlike most dating apps, Grindr doesn't really require you to put up a whole presentation of your profile— some people get by with blank profiles just fine. 

4. Inner Circle
Pros: If you're tired of creeps, Inner Circle is for you. They have a strict screening process, and once you're in chances of you finding a match that's actually decent is pretty high. 

Cons: Besides form the hefty weekly membership fees, Inner Circle notifies you in real-time when your match checks out your profile after the first message is sent. This means, in the event that someone takes a pass on your profile, it's probably going to sting a bit. 

Verdict: Inner Circle feels ultra-exclusive which does have an array of benefits in terms of finding a possible long-term partner if you're willing to pay. 

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

Pros: Serves a more curated selection, thus the chances of getting actual good matches are high. 

Cons: It's the opposite of Bumble, where men hold the verdict in deciding whether a woman piques their interest or vice versa. Not so much of a con for men, of course. 

Verdict: It's an overall interesting concept worth trying, and not to mention the profiles are more in-depth than Tinder. 

6. Badoo

Pros: It requires no swiping whatsoever which narrows down your pool of potential quality matches. 

Cons: As far as features are concerned, they're a bit on the simpler side. 

Verdict: Highly suitable for people who are meticulous in picking their next match. No mistakes shall be committed here! Although of course, that's not entirely possible. It is still a dating app, after all. 

Modern dating has never felt more interactive with the existence of these apps in a way that it allows you to have a trial run with a potential partner before you decide if they're worth the next step. Smart, yes? 

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