WATCH: Song Kang Fights For Humanity In New ‘Sweet Home’ Season Two Teaser



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WATCH: Song Kang Fights For Humanity In New ‘Sweet Home’ Season Two Teaser

By storyteller24

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Netflix has unveiled a new easer for the upcoming second season of hit post-apocalyptic K-drama Sweet Home, starring Song Kang.

Taking place shortly after the events of season one, the new Sweet Home trailer reveals the world outside the Green Home apartment building. Monsters and soldiers hunt one another, while civilians are ushered into quarantine zones.

Half-monster Cha Hyun-su (Song Kang) is seen chained up in captivity, where he offers himself up to be used to research a vaccine to stop monster transformations. In the outside world, survivors kill one another out of fear and suspicion.

In addition to Song Kang, actors Lee Jin-wook and Lee Si-young also reprise their roles as Pyeon Sang-wook and Seo Yi-kyung, respectively, fighting off both monsters and fellow humans in the new trailer.

Season two of Sweet Home will premiere exclusively on Netflix on December 1.

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