SHOCKING: "His Assets Are Mine, Kid Also On My Side!" Local Woman Under Fire For Sharing Tips On How To Leave Your Husband After Decade Of Sexless Marriage



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SHOCKING: "His Assets Are Mine, Kid Also On My Side!" Local Woman Under Fire For Sharing Tips On How To Leave Your Husband After Decade Of Sexless Marriage

By JustineG

Many of us use social media platforms as avenues to share personal experiences and dilemmas, whether under their real identities, pseudonyms, or through anonymous accounts. Recently, a woman utilizing the veil of anonymity took to Twitter to offer advice to those contemplating divorce.

Detailing her own marital woes, the woman revealed a decade-long sexless marriage, expressing a suspicion that her husband might seek companionship elsewhere and remarry again. Taking matters into her own hands, she assumed control of her husband's entire salary, with his unwavering trust in her financial management. 

Furthermore, she allocated only essential spending money to him while fully aware of their joint assets. Additionally, she disclosed orchestrating the transfer of their house into her and their child's names, exploiting her husband's affection towards their offspring to facilitate the process smoothly.

Secondly, the woman also suggested getting close to the child so that they would favour the mother in the event of a divorce. She advised spending more time at home with the child from birth until they start working. According to her, when rumours surfaced about her husband wanting to remarry, she, who didn't want to share him, easily drove him out of the house, especially when the house was no longer in his name.

Only then will she proceed with the divorce process, she added. At the same time, she acquired property and custody of the child, and she no longer needed to think about her ex-husband, nor did she regret her actions.

However, the anonymous sharing garnered much attention, with most disagreeing with the woman's actions. Most women who read the post were angry, seeing it as the woman's malicious plan to obtain her husband's assets.

Some argued that her intentions appeared premeditated, focusing more on acquiring her husband's assets than addressing the root issues in their marriage. Conversely, others expressed sympathy towards her husband, wishing him happiness in any future endeavours, including a potential remarriage.

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