WATCH: Elephant's Playful Antics Causes Stir At Kuantan Traffic Light



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WATCH: Elephant's Playful Antics Causes Stir At Kuantan Traffic Light

3 Days ago
By storyteller24

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Two elephants being brought by Perhilitan truck to a funfair event in Kuantan, Pahang, grabbed the attention of motorists when one of them attempted to rip palm fruits and leaves from a tree with its trunk.

The event, which occurred over the weekend, was captured on film and depicts the truck halting at a traffic light on one of the city's roadways.

One elephant is seen yanking down on the palm leaves, causing the tree to swing dramatically. The elephant eventually comes to a stop in the 55-second TikTok video captured and posted by user Hairul Vcool.


Gajah naik minyak di Kuantan

bunyi asal - Hairul Vcool

"Look! There is an upset elephant. It is tugging down on the leaves. Hairul can be heard stating, "The tree is going to fall," as he walks towards the truck.

"But the carer reprimanded it. It has stopped. "If not for this, the tree would have been uprooted," he said.

A mob of witnesses shown in the video had gathered across the road, attempting to film the incident on tape. At the end of the film, Hairul states, "Even elephants listen to instructions, but humans do not."

Since it was posted two days ago, the video, titled "Gajah Naik Minyak di Kuantan," has received thousands of views and has been liked and commented on by over 13,000 other TikTokers.

Among the comments were appreciation for the pair, as well as one from Zuis, who stated that the elephant was not on a rampage but rather wanted to sample the food in Kuantan.

Another user, Nazar_A.R, suggested that the elephant could have simply been hungry.

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