Online Shopping Scam Alert: Netizen Warns About New Deceptive Tactic; Delivery Personnel Confirm Alarming Rise



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Online Shopping Scam Alert: Netizen Warns About New Deceptive Tactic; Delivery Personnel Confirm Alarming Rise


The increasing convenience of online shopping for consumers, including a wide range of product choices and diverse payment methods, is undoubtedly advantageous. However, this very convenience has inadvertently empowered scammers, affording them the means to deceive consumers. Despite ongoing endeavours to curtail and preempt such fraudulent activities, these scammers persist in adapting and innovating their tactics at an alarming pace.

A netizen recently shared a new scam tactic she had faced with online shopping on a Chinese social media, Xiao Hong Shu. The unsuspecting netizen received a parcel addressed to her name, complete with her address and phone number. Upon inspection, the parcel was ordered through Cash on Delivery (COD), in which, the netizen did not purchase anything through such payment method. Consequently, the recipient declined to accept the package.
The delivery person said there has been a surge in such fraudulent packages lately. Scammers seem to be targeting individuals, particularly the elderly, who might mistakenly assume that these packages are intended for their children or grandchildren and proceed to make the payment without suspicion.

Attempts to contact the provided phone number yielded no response, raising further suspicions about the parcel's authenticity. Additionally, a quick search revealed that the associated WeChat profile featured a fake display picture.  

What's notable is that the package carried significant weight, a tactic likely aimed at creating an illusion of a forgotten purchase, thereby pressuring the recipient into making an unnecessary payment.

This incident serves as a reminder for everyone to remain vigilant when receiving unexpected packages. It's crucial not to hastily make payments for items that were not legitimately ordered. Also, sharing these scam tactics with your family members can prevent them falling victim to scams.

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