Chinese Tourist Claims AirAsia's Nasi Lemak Tastes Bad, M'sians Disagree And Defend It



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Chinese Tourist Claims AirAsia's Nasi Lemak Tastes Bad, M'sians Disagree And Defend It

By JustineG

We're all familiar with the sometimes steep prices of in-flight meals, but there are times when they surprise us with their deliciousness, just like AirAsia's beloved Nasi Lemak.

However, a Chinese tourist recently expressed disappointment in an airline meal when flying back to China from Bali, Indonesia. She had paid RM22 for the meal and was dismayed to find that it looked nothing like the advertised picture.

According to her, the food tasted unpleasant, with tough-to-eat sambal and overly seasoned curry. During her layover at KLIA, she opted for an RM28 burger, which she found much more satisfying than the Nasi Lemak.

In response, many netizens came to the meal's defence, asserting that it wasn't as bad as she described it and that numerous people enjoyed the in-flight meal despite its cost. Some argued that the food is tailored to local tastes and may not necessarily cater to foreigners who aren't accustomed to its flavours. If there's one thing Malaysians are known for, it's their passion for food, and they're willing to stand up for their culinary delights.

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