Living Cost Of A Single Person In Kuala Lumpur Is RM4,678?!



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Living Cost Of A Single Person In Kuala Lumpur Is RM4,678?!


A Twitter user, @anssxh tweeted a list of the monthly expenditures of a single person in 10 different cities in Malaysia and it is not cheap!

Kuala Lumpur takes the lead with RM4,678 a month, followed by Petaling Jaya with only RM580 lesser than Kuala Lumpur's figure. Subang Jaya and Shah Alam were placed 3rd and 4th respectively with estimated living costs of below RM4k. 

With RM3,057 a month, Georgetown, Penang is ranked 5 on the list and it is the last city with living costs estimated to be higher than RM3,000. 

Following the list, the user also suggested that Kelantan is one of the cheapest cities in Malaysia to live in, and you can even afford a Honda vehicle with a monthly salary of RM1,800.
While the user did not share the source of the list and people are not agreeing with the list. Some say that the estimated number is lower than what they are spending.
One user disagrees with the figure and he disclosed that he is spending lesser than what was suggested in the list and he can still provide support to his parents and even make investments.
What do you think of the list? Is it accurate? Or is it lower than reality? 

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