Which Would You Choose: RM150 Freelance Job Or RM4k Full-Time Job?



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Which Would You Choose: RM150 Freelance Job Or RM4k Full-Time Job?

By sleepingbeauty

Many of us desire an easier life, but complete ease remains elusive.

A Malaysian named Yon turned to social media to inquire about netizens' opinions on the better choice: working for a company with a fixed monthly salary or freelancing.

Yon emphasized the company he is opting to work at had offered him two options: a fixed RM4k salary with an allowance, and a freelance job that pays RM150-RM300 per day. 

He explained, "By completing one job per day, you'll receive RM150, but there's potential for more income with extra jobs. Plus, freelancing offers home-based work without an allowance, providing flexibility. The company only allows me to pick one, not both. So a hint: My work seldom involves just one job due to 8-9 hours of daily work; doing only one job daily isn't practical."

Many netizens joined the discussion, recognizing the decision's context-dependent nature. 


However, the prevailing sentiment in the tweets suggests that most Malaysians lean towards freelancing due to work-life balance, avoiding office commutes, and the potential for building a personal business. 

Conversely, those advocating for working full-time highlighted the security of a steady monthly income and associated benefits such as medical insurance and EPF accounts, which facilitate loans.

So, the question remains: if given a choice, would you opt to be a freelancer or a full-time employee? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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