"M'sia Is An Unsafe Country?!" American Woman Alleges 50 Breast Groping Incidents In 30 Minutes In Kuala Lumpur



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"M'sia Is An Unsafe Country?!" American Woman Alleges 50 Breast Groping Incidents In 30 Minutes In Kuala Lumpur


An American woman took to social media alleging that she experienced harassment from 50 men while walking in Kuala Lumpur for just 30 minutes, prompting her to relocate to Singapore. The post quickly went viral, stirring controversy online.

In light of the recent incident where a Spanish female influencer was sexually assaulted by seven men in India, social media users have been discussing such incidents openly. Christine Hill, an American woman, joined the conversation by pointing fingers at Malaysia, accusing it of being an "unsafe country" for white women.


According to a report by Yahoo! News, she claimed that incidents of harassment towards foreigners are not limited to India but also occur frequently in Malaysia. She wrote, "India is not the only place where this happens. In Kuala Lumpur, white women get assaulted every 2 minutes."

Her statement faced scepticism from netizens, and she defended herself by stating that she lived in Kuala Lumpur for 8 years before moving to Singapore due to persistent harassment. She explained, "I finally moved to Singapore because I reached a point where I had to carry a large umbrella whenever I went out, and I would hit anyone who touched my chest."


She further alleged that during a 30-minute walk on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, 50 men attempted to touch her chest. Recounting a specific incident, she mentioned walking from Central Market to Shangri-La Hotel, encountering traffic issues and having to fend off around 50 Malaysian men attempting to assault her. It was at that moment she realized she had to leave.

She claimed to have reported the incidents to the country's "high political leaders," but it was allegedly brushed aside. According to a report by China Press, she clarified that these incidents occurred when she was in her early twenties and shared photos from her younger years.


"Back then, while walking on the streets, men would always reach out and attack my chest, just like honking a horn."

Her response sparked a heated debate in the comments section, with some netizens acknowledging that Malaysia is not the safest country, especially for local women facing harassment, but criticizing her for exaggeration.



After the controversy escalated, it was noted that the woman's account had been deactivated.


What are your thoughts on this? Is Malaysia truly safe, or is this simply an exaggeration?

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