4 Car Accessories that May Look Good but is Actually Bad



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4 Car Accessories that May Look Good but is Actually Bad

By ellephant

Many people get excited when it comes to styling their vehicle. From bumpers, tires, rims, lights, so on and so forth, (men especially) don't mind spending tons and tons of money to have their babies look good, so that they feel good. 


All is well though, until car accessories get in the way of safety. 

This Twitter user decided to go the extra mile and explain the 4 car accessories which may look pretty stylish in your car, but could also put a driver in harms way. Check it out!

1. A car carpet that doesn't fit


Using a car carpet that is smaller than the base of your car, can bring unnecessary harm to the driver. For instance, when you step on the brakes, it may get caught in the carpet. 

2. Dashboard cover


Stylish as it may look, a dashboard cover may prevent your airbag from properly inflating if your vehicle faces collision. This would stop it from executing its full function to protect you as a driver. 

3. Seatbelt clip


When your vehicle makes a sudden brake, the clip holding your seatbelt may not be able to handle your weight. This could then cause your seatbelt to come loose, indirectly making you fly forward. 

On top of that, should you have this accessory during an accident, and would like to claim for insurance, you would be kindly denied so. 

4. Harmful steering wheel stickers


When you hit the breaks, the sticker on your steering wheel may come loose and end up hitting your face, hurting you in the process, all in the name of style. 


Ultimately, any car accessory may look good and may make you feel good upon having them installed. However, do keep in mind that safety should always come first. 

Not only can harmful accessories cause you harm, but it may also endanger the lives of those in the car with you, and the others who are on the road. Thus, think twice before you decide to choose style over safety. 

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