WATCH: Netizens Split Opinions About Newly-Opened Singaporean 'Vadai' Shop In Bukit Bintang



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WATCH: Netizens Split Opinions About Newly-Opened Singaporean 'Vadai' Shop In Bukit Bintang

By storyteller24

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Is it really the Indian spicy fried snack called 'vadai'? Or does it resemble a western snack doughnut, or the Malay delicacy, 'cucur udang'?  Netizens have been debating about the main offering from a newly opened Singapore-based snack shop based in Bukit Bintang.

The video uploaded on Malaysia Speaks TikTok page has gone viral and garnered close to 300,000 views over the 'identity crisis' of the 'vadai' sold there. 

@malaysianspeaks Ngilu tengok orang gigit cili, tapi lepas try, sumpah min nak repeat lagi lepas ni kat @theoriginalvadaimy #theoriginalvadaimy #fyp #bestfoodinkl original sound - Malaysian Speaks

The spicy, crispy and fluffy Indian snack is originally a vegetarian savoury snack made from 'urad dal', but the Singapore-based shop has its own take, adding innovative flavours to its interpretation of the snack. 

The shop sells usual and out-of-the-norm anchovy vadai and also prawn vadai which has received mixed reactions from the netizens upon watching the viral video. 

"This is not vadai, it is cucur udang. Do not misinterpret and modify our original recipe," said TikTok user Hema Jeremiah. 

Another TikTok user also doubted if it was an actual vadai. 

"Haha original? Looks like a scam. Sorry guys (it) looks ok but it does not look like vadai," said TikTok user vkk. 

Others who have actually tried the dish advised netizens to be overhasty and jump to conclusions.

"So many are arguing, I guess vadai from Singapore and Malaysia are different. 

"And it is just the name of the shop but why are you arguing?" said TikTok user Izzah. 

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