WATCH: "What In The World?!" Local Student's Catwalk & Flying Kiss At School Motivational Camp Sparks Parental Backlash



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WATCH: "What In The World?!" Local Student's Catwalk & Flying Kiss At School Motivational Camp Sparks Parental Backlash

By JustineG

Recall those school days when we'd gather in the hall, enduring numerous talks and motivational speakers imparting their wisdom about adulthood. As mundane as it was, there was always a clear line between these speakers and us, the students, maintaining appropriate boundaries. 

However, it seems times have evolved, especially with the prevalence of social media. Recently, a particular incident during a school's motivational camp sparked parental backlash.

In this incident, a female student was captured on camera doing a catwalk and boldly giving a flying kiss to a boy seated opposite her. The boy, visibly excited, screamed joyfully and placed his hands on his chest. The footage is related to a social media influencer invited to speak at a school in Johor. Uncomfortable with the incident, many netizens questioned the school's decision to invite such a speaker.

"In the first place, how can a school invite someone like her to give a lecture? It's not just about popularity," they remarked. 

While there's no further information about the particular speaker's background, it appears the viral speaker is known for such actions. Acknowledging the controversy, Norlizah Noh, the Chairman of the Education, Information, and Communication Committee in Johor, responded, stating that she took note of the incident. 

She mentioned a coordination session involving coordinators of student management and development sector officers would be held on December 19 to address the issue. This session would also involve 11 district education offices in Johor.

A similar concern was raised on Facebook by user Azrul Adnan, who expressed dismay over the current trend of motivational sessions and lectures in schools. He recounted how his child was used as 'talent' in video content and marketing by the Academy of Young Icons Malaysia (Aikom) and the influencer Amir Lala. 

Azrul argued that jokes with 'pick-up lines' should be halted, deeming them unbeneficial and potentially encouraging flirtatious behaviour. Instead, he suggested promoting activities like public speaking or debates for bravery and fostering artistic expression through established cultural forms.

The concerned parent mentioned his previous attempts to caution Aikom and Amir Lala about the issue, but his efforts were thwarted. Azrul Adnan hopes this matter gains attention from schools, urging the discontinuation of motivational program modules that do not align with Eastern culture and Islamic values. He also tagged the official accounts of the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Education, Fadhlina Sidek.

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