10 Local Trendsetters to Follow on Instagram to Level Up Your Fashion Game



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10 Local Trendsetters to Follow on Instagram to Level Up Your Fashion Game

By MJC97

Sometimes we go through our closets and still find nothing to wear. Then, we go on an online shopping spree and still can’t find the perfect outfits. 

Here are 10 Malaysian trendsetters to follow on Instagram to get some inspiration from:

1. Doris Hor 

With over 95k followers on Instagram, Doris is definitely one to follow for the best OOTDs. She has casual outfits, badass outfits and also some girly outfits, so you don’t have to have a specific style to follow her. 


2. Jessica Chaw 

Jessica Chaw inspires her 73k followers with outfits that look kinda formal and also some girly and casual outfits for the weekend. Follow her for more sophisticated looks that will make heads turn. 


3. Cherrie Liong 

Cherrie is one-half of the Duo Gigs, twin fashion and beauty influencers. All her OOTDs scream baddie! Follow her if you’re bored of your fashion style and want to explore what it’s like to dress like a baddie. 


4. Evangeline Yan 

Evangeline is the other half od Duo Gigs. While here page is dedicated to displaying her photography, she also shows off her OOTDs. Her fashion style is bold, elegant and minimalistic. 


5. Daphne Charice 

With 180k followers, Daphne inspires her followers to wear whatever makes you happy, confident and beautiful. Her OOTDs take you on a stylish journey! Follow her to add some variety to your closet.


6. Harmini Asokumar 

Harmini will definitely inspire you to add a modern twist to your traditional outfits. Her Instagram features her in some traditional outfits that can transform into modern outfit by just removing an item. Besides that, she also has some glamorous outfits that will encourage you to spice up your closet. 


7. Nia  

Nia is a Malaysian model that has great style. She inspired her 111k followers with her quirky personality and fashionable outfits. She’s definitely one to follow not only for OOTD inspo but also for FIRE posses that will make taking that OOTD photo much, much easier. 


8. Shikin Gomez 

Shikin is another Malaysian model that appeared in the fifth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model representing Malaysia and never landed in bottom 3! Her Instagram features many bold, bright and colourful outfits. Follow her if you want to add colour to your closet but are unsure how. 


9. Jazel Lim 

Jazel is a Digital Content Curator for Adidas and her Instagram features many of their outfits. So, if you are into the whole fitness fashion style you should definitely follow her. That is not all Jazel wears though, she does have some cute and sexy outfits that you can definitely try on yourself!


10. Josephine Yap 

Josephine is another influencer that features most of her OOTDs on Instagram clearly. She has more of a sophisticated girly style with softer colours like, pinks, blues and whites. Definitely follow her if you are interested in diving into the girly style. 


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