WATCH: Man Cycles From Selangor To Perak Just To Surprise His Fiancée



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WATCH: Man Cycles From Selangor To Perak Just To Surprise His Fiancée

By JustineG

A heartwarming story of love and a long-distance relationship (LDR) has captured the internet's attention. A video shared by a young woman showcases her immense gratitude as her fiancé went the extra mile, or rather, the extra 126 kilometres, by cycling all the way from Selangor to Perak just to meet her.

In the video, the woman reveals that she had no idea about the surprise her fiancé had planned for her. She admits feeling worried when she couldn't reach him and began to wonder what had happened to him. Little did she know that he was embarking on a solo cycling journey of approximately 126 kilometres to be with her.

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"He cycled 126 kilometres to come and see me from Selangor to Perak. During that time, he didn't reply to my messages on WhatsApp, and I was extremely worried, not knowing what had happened to him," she shares.

The next day, she was working the morning shift at a supermarket, feeling extremely tired due to lack of sleep the previous night, and constantly thinking about her beloved. To her surprise, a customer came to buy ice cream early in the morning.

"I work at a supermarket, so seeing someone buying ice cream in the morning was strange to me. And when I looked closer, I recognized himit was my sweetheart. Even in a long-distance relationship, the effort he made to meet me was priceless," she writes in the video.

As the video gained attention, netizens were touched by the couple's dedication and effort, despite being in a long-distance relationship. Many commented with heartwarming messages and prayers, hoping for their enduring love story to continue while some jokingly tagged their partners and asked them to do the same too.

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