WATCH: Local Man Tells Woman Passenger To Shut Up After Refusing To Leave Women's MRT Coach



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WATCH: Local Man Tells Woman Passenger To Shut Up After Refusing To Leave Women's MRT Coach

By JustineG

For those who use public transportation like KTM and MRT, you are probably familiar with the women-only coach designated for female passengers. Male passengers are not allowed to enter these coaches and can sit in any other coach within the train. 

However, a recent video on TikTok went viral, showing a man behaving rudely after a female passenger asked him to move to another coach upon entering the women's coach. In the video, the man can be seen pretending to talk on the phone and telling the woman who confronted him to 'shut up.' 

"POV: You are a woman in the women's coach of the MRT and have politely asked the man to leave, but instead, he started yelling at you." 

The owner of the video clarified that the man originally wasn't talking to anyone on the phone until he was confronted and the incident was recorded.

"It seems like I'm bothering him, but he was shouting at me several times before I started recording. PS: There were no security guards around when I was looking for them," the caption continued.

The video has garnered criticism from netizens, with many expressing embarrassment over the man's displayed behaviour.

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