Dental Hygiene: Do You Know That You Should NOT Brush Your Teeth At These 3 Times?



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Dental Hygiene: Do You Know That You Should NOT Brush Your Teeth At These 3 Times?

By ellephant

Brushing your teeth is important, however, there are actually certain times when you should avoid brushing your teeth, because you can destroy your teeth. 

Based on a TikTok by a dentist, there are 3 specific times when you should wait a while before brushing. 

Check them out.

1. After vomiting  

After puking, you should ensure you do not brush your teeth. 

This is because the contents of your stomach is rather acidic, and thus having that in your mouth, and that brushing that acid into your teeth, can corrode the minerals on your teeth. 

So waiting, 30-60 minutes is advised. What you can do instead, is rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, and drink some water to neutralize all that acid.  

2. After drinking coffee  

Coffee is very acidic, and adding sugar and milk makes it even more acidic. The same concept as before, brushing would be rubbing the teeth away. Wait 30-60 minutes.

You could also just drink some water after having coffee, you don't need to brush. 

3. After breakfast  

Brush your teeth before breakfast, not after. Brushing right after breakfast would damage your enamel. 

Besides that, there is also a lot of bacteria in overnight-mouth, so it would be best to get that cleaned out before you have your breakfast. 

And those are your dental hygiene tips for the day!

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