WATCH: Local Man Resigns to Care for Bedridden Mother: "The Most Correct Choice in Life!"



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WATCH: Local Man Resigns to Care for Bedridden Mother: "The Most Correct Choice in Life!"


Amidst the tapestry of life, a universal concept emerges: the essence of filial devotion. This insight finds resonance in the actions of a perceptive man who, avoiding future remorse, chooses to personally tend to his ailing mother, forsaking assistance for his own hands-on care.

According to a report by "Sin Chew Daily," a Malaysian man named Alif resigned from his stable 9-to-5 job to take care of his bedridden mother around the clock.
He documented his daily life caring for his mother on TikTok, and the video quickly gained the attention of numerous netizens.

He believes that resigning to care for his mother is the most correct decision he has ever made in his life. He sighed, "In the past, my mother took care of me, now it's my turn to take care of her."

Alif personally takes care of his mother every day, including helping her change diapers six times a day, giving her medication and insulin injections, and preparing milk for her every three hours.

In addition, he also needs to do household chores, help his mother with washing and turning, and occasionally perform physiotherapy for his mother, who has been lying in bed for a long time, to prevent muscle atrophy.

Despite the very intricate process, Alif never complains. He said, "I'm fortunate to be able to take care of my mother well while she's still alive. I swear, the sense of fulfilment cannot be described in words."

@alifr0z Left my 9-5 corporate job to take care of my bedridden mak and its the best decision Ive ever made. Sumpah lagi puas jaga sendiri. #adayinmylife #caregiver #caretaker #Bedridden Oke work that imaged the Ghibli-like forest - CRAFT SOUND STUDIO

After watching his video, netizens praised him for being very filial. Alif later revealed that he learned how to take care of patients online and consulted friends with experience. He only hopes that his mother can receive the best care.

Alif reminds us to cherish the people around us. If there's time, we should definitely go home and visit our parents! 

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