"Company From Hell!" Popular Car Company Abuses Staff By Making Them Pay RM700 For FB Ads Boosting



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"Company From Hell!" Popular Car Company Abuses Staff By Making Them Pay RM700 For FB Ads Boosting

By JustineG

Who needs fair wages when you can have the privilege of funding your employer's marketing, right?

Some individuals are fortunate to work for companies that value them, while others find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being employed by a nightmarish company. This is the case for a particular individual who shared his distressing experience with the company he is currently employed with. 

According to the tweets, he works for a well-known car company where his employer insists on a mandatory monthly expenditure of RM700 for Facebook ads boosting.

In a chat with his employer, he faced threats of a warning letter for not complying with the compulsory monthly boosting. He explained that his salary was only RM600 last month, leaving him with no funds for boosting. 

This explanation infuriated the employer, who responded, "Sorry, we don't accept this explanation. If you want to work, you better follow the protocols." 

The man works as a sales associate at the car company, revealing that his monthly salary is RM1500, and he has been working since mid-November, hence why he has been receiving only RM600 monthly after the EPF, Socso cuts. 

As a penalty for not paying for the boost the previous month, the employer made it mandatory for him to set up double the number of ads on Facebook the following month, requiring him to contribute RM1400 from his own pocket. 


Additionally, employees will be fined RM10 for failing to submit their daily reports before 7 pm, and sales associates are not allowed to submit clients' loans directly to the bank. Despite selling close to four units in his first month, he feels taken advantage of. 

Netizens shared their opinions, suggesting that he should report the matter to the Department of Labor, emphasizing that it's unjust to be compelled to spend money benefiting the company without receiving the minimum wage. 

Some advised him to resign and seek a better job, stating that this situation was unacceptable. 

If you were in his position, what would you do?

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