iOS 16.1 Is Here! Check Out The 10 New Updates It Has Brought



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iOS 16.1 Is Here! Check Out The 10 New Updates It Has Brought

By ellephant

We adore updates...

After the launch of the iPhone 14 in all it's glory, we've very enthusiastically enjoyed the iOS 16 update and its cool features. 

Now, iOS 16.1 is here, and there is more!

Released by apple, these are the few notable changes with the update. Check them out. 

1. Live activities feature to third party apps (Live activities will allow users to keep track of what is happening in real-time from the lock screen)  

2. Updated battery % indicator (iPhone X and newer) and bigger font  

3. iCloud shared photo library (up to five people who can add, delete, edit, mark-as-favourite and caption, on images in a shared iCloud folder)  

4. Users would be able to delete the wallet app (Apple Pay, Cash and Card will then no longer be applicable/available)  

5. Brings a Fitness+ service to all iPhone users (even if they do not have an Apple Watch)  

6. Supports 'Matter' a new smart home connectivity standard (enables compatible accessories to work together across platforms)  

7. Wallet key sharing (car, hotel room, and other keys available in the Wallet app can be shared securely with others through Messages, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps)  

8. Both Lock Screen and Home Screen customization  

9. Screenshot UI (updated options interface on the top right after closing the screenshot editing tool)  

10. Lock Screen charging indicator (displayed above the time when the phone starts charging and each time it's woken from sleep)  

On top of that is bug fixes and overall just a much better functioning iPhone!

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