Malaysian Unimpressed With The Price Hike Of GVF 2023 Tickets



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Malaysian Unimpressed With The Price Hike Of GVF 2023 Tickets

By Grace Sundram

Without a doubt, the most anticipated music festival of the year has returned, but one thing we aren't looking forward to is paying the hefty ticket price, which seems to be increasing year after year.

Twitter user @connerylazenby shared a comparison explanation of how high the prices have increased since the first Good Vibes Festival in 2013.

This year's festival will be considerably different from previous years, as it is now a 3D2N event with Phase 1 General Admission tickets selling for RM788.

These tickets wouldn't be restricted in quantity for each phase, so there's no chance they'd sell out as quickly as you may anticipate. For each phase, the price would increase by RM100.

According to the Twitter user, the price of these tickets has increased by about 105% in 10 years, implying that individuals purchasing them would be paying RM263 each day. He also wondered if our incomes had increased by 105% in those years.

Furthermore, who would have guessed that dollar-for-dollar, Coachella tickets might be cheaper than GVF 2023, not to mention the famed Glastonbury festival and We The Fest 2023?[0,45,2048,1024]/pjpg=q:90/compress/h15f9V4HQdqfxYzAYWZX

Several people, however, stated that we can't compare prices from a decade ago due to inflation, that some of these festivals are based overseas, and that we haven't even considered the exchange rate yet, making GVF 2023 much more affordable than the others.

Let us know what your thoughts are!

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