WATCH: Boy Gifts RM30,000 Jewellery To Teacher As Farewell Gift, Netizens Are Impressed



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WATCH: Boy Gifts RM30,000 Jewellery To Teacher As Farewell Gift, Netizens Are Impressed

By storyteller24

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A boy's farewell gift to his school teacher was not the usual roses or mugs. It was a piece of jewellery said to worth over RM30,000 from a renowned local brand.

This was depicted in a TikTok video posted by user, farahwen, of her son named Ali going to the last day of school bearing a surprise for his teacher. The 34-second video showed Ali entering the school compound accompanied by his teacher and of him hugging and saying goodbye to his best friend as well as seniors.

The video came with the caption that the saddest part for Ali was saying goodbye to his teacher as he hugged her and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

However, Ali's gift for his teacher did not stop at just flowers. They had made a purchase for a piece of jewellery priced at more than RM30,000 for her. "We got a little surprise for her. He learnt so much this year because of you. You will be forever in his heart as his first teacher," wrote farahwen.

It moved on to show Ali holding a paper bag bearing the gift and delivering the surprise to his teacher. The video posted yesterday has gained 1.8 million views so far.

Some viewers were impressed by the gesture, saying they, too, wanted to be teachers. Alea wrote: "New ambition. International school kindergarten teacher."

Sheda Rashid said: "That is one lucky teacher."

MiloIkatTepi commented: "While many only noticed the price tag of the gift, they were oblivious to the knowledge his teacher has bestowed him with, which are priceless."

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